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I am very grateful to Kin to remove all my negative energy from me. I have had several treatments and after some treatments now I sleep soundly like a baby. Sometimes even when anxieties come my way, I am able to combat them with the power of his healing energy by just imagining him giving me a treatment and removing all negative energies. I am also thankful to him now because he is treating my mom with neurological issues. He is very deligent and honest. I would recommed him to anyone seaking help with sleep and any kind of disorders. Thanks again Kin.





我以前睡觉时间够长但质量很差,总要做梦和想事情,在KIN那里治疗一次以后,晚上不再做梦,一觉到天亮,已经连续两天了。期待下一次治疗进一步巩固效果。KIN为人友善, 诚意向失眠病人推荐。



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