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About Kin 山川郎中

Licensed Acupuncturist

The Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) program Fellow

Ancient Oriental Medicine Practitioner

With an outstanding background as a professional Qigong Practitioner and 20 years of teaching experience, Kin brings both his passion and his expertise to the healing session, helping you believe and achieve.


Kin studied Yiquan (意拳), which is a martial art using harnesses willpower to provide practitioners with incredible powers, from master Ho Ka Hing in Hong Kong. After 20 years of practice, Kin does not want to apply it in any combat, but is interested in applying Yiquan as an alternative healing modalities for the well being of others. For this reason, he studies ancient Oriental medicine and Detachment Meditation from Sayadaw Ashin Ottamasara.

Kin became an acupuncturist because he enjoys caring for people and wants to make a difference in people’s lives. As an acupuncturist, he has the honor of partnering with communities that was helping him accomplish that goal.


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