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My Services

I offer acupuncture, cupping, herbs and qigong sessions.



People who have insomnia usually have an active mind. With this one hour Qigong treatment, Kin will bring you into a meditative state and calm down the mind by applying various acupressure points, and thus help you with better sleep. Say GOODBYE to your sleepless night.


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Many people experiences different degrees of anxiety once in their life time. Some experience mild emotion, while other conditions are more severe. With this session, Kin will release the stagnated emotions by applying acupressure points and provide guidance on how to improve and conquer this obstacle in your life.


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Pain Management

Emotions can be stored in different parts of the body, such as joints, muscles, tendon and fascia. In some patients, neck tightness, or neck unable to extend can be due to emotional stress and childhood trauma. If we are unable to recognize the source of the problems, relying on pain medicine can treat the symptoms only but not the root of the problem. For this reason, the practitioner should not treat the structural part only, but also taking the emotional stress into consideration. If we can manage emotional stress, Kin will be able to adjust the fascia pain overtime and hence relieve the structural related pain problems.


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Distant Healing                

With an outstanding background Qigong Practitioner over 20 years. Kin develops and manifests powerful healing mind power in distant healing. With this type of work, you do not have to physically present with Kin to receive the healing. He can give you a session at any time and anywhere by a photo.

If you have physical, emotional, mental aspects or negative energy attack, send Kin a message and a photo, he will solve your problems.


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